Sunday, July 26, 2015

The concept of LUNCH . . .

Pieter Bruegel the elder - lunch
"Why is it that a room full of people will get louder and louder?
And how can people pleasantly understand each other in the din?
 Pieter Bruegel the elder art, 1500s  Click images twice for full size
silver potato ring 1700s
1871 hot chestnuts street vendor
When time is tight, we can just grab something from
an 1871 street vendor. . . but not chestnuts
1890s restaurant or tea room
An 1890s dining experience . . . lively colour and brass
in a sun-room . . . the feathery rustling sounds of beards 
and bustles . . . someone insisting it was their chair 
that made that vulgar sound.
1896 automated cafeteria
This 1896 automated cafeteria eliminates employee deadwood
Ellsworth Young illustration lunch 1905
 Ellsworth Young's 1905
cartoon illustration of an
ancient Roman LUNCH.
H.R. Petersen 1913 magazine illustration exploding lunch
This 1913 magazine illustration offered
subtle humour for sophisticated readers. 
Bernard Boutet de Monvel drawing
The cheese is hard and sour. 
sun-dappled 1940s illustration
A sun-dappled 1940s illustration  Click twice for full size
Alex Raymond comic strip art
Liquid lunch by Alex Raymond
The RISE of DUTTON LANG - UPA animation
UPA animation 1950s
Bob Jones illustration of mouse picnic
Bob Jones illustration
k i n d n e s s   &   l o v e   f o r   e v e r y o n e

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The colour RED in art . . .

Click images twice for full size
1895 stage actor in red velvet
RED is a whore in velvet who lives
for the spotlight on an 1895 stage.
Earl Oliver Hurst illustration of big red riding hood for Collier's
RED makes a wolf howl.
The colour RED in art
RED sets the mood in this tapestry from 1900.
1925 German magazine decadent illustration
RED is beautiful decadence in 1925 Berlin.
Smooth Power waterfall 1948 illustration in red
RED conveys power and energy in 1948
1960s Du Maurier ad in red
RED gets our attention because it's
Alive with weird pleasure!
Mead Schaeffer illustration
Mead Schaeffer illustration
RED is a more pressing matter than the evening's performance.
Owen Jones ornament - ALHAMBRA
RED is energy confined by geometric order
in this Owen Jones illustration of Alhambra
ornament. To see more of his work click HERE
Apple red lifesaver
 RED is tart and sweet! Before Apple computers, apples 
grew on trees. People ate the fruit and most of them passed 
it. An apple-flavoured life saver was RED
Erte illustration - red woman on a swing
RED laughs out loud at our subtle disapproval.
Rene Gruau illustration
Rene Gruau illustration in red
RED ridicules our narrow views,
limited experience, and self-constraint.

k i n d n e s s   &   l o v e   f o r   e v e r y o n e

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Images of the NIGHT in art . . .

Dorothy P. Lathrop children's book illustration
NIGHT makes it's greatest impression on us at our beginning.
Although family can be heard nearby, we're thrust alone into the blackness.
Dorothy P. Lathrop  See image full size

N I G H T . . .
Arthur Getz illustration 1965 for New Yorker
Arthur Getz 1965   Click images twice for full size
N I G H T . . .
Bernard Waber children's book 1970
 Life is a beautiful sea of colors, especially at night.
Bernard Waber 1970
N I G H T . . .
Byam Shaw book illustration 1900
A Byam Shaw book illustration from around 1900
N I G H T . . .
C.G. Evers illustration city at night 1950s?
20th century illustrator  C.G. Evers  specialized in big panoramic views
N I G H T . . .
Charles Pears book illustration of night river
This Charles Pears book illustration really captures the heavy
darkness of night.  We drift in silence.
N I G H T . . .
Chesley Bonestell illustration of other world
This Chesley Bonestell illustration really captures the heavy 
silence of space-night.  We scream in silence.
N I G H T . . .
Emanuel Schongut children's book illustration 1974
Emanuel Schongut 1974
N I G H T . . .
Erich Buchwald-Zinnwald 1915 night sky
 Erich Buchwald-Zinnwald 1915
N I G H T . . .
Felix Vallotton painting of lake at night
Felix Vallotton art   Click images twice for full size
N I G H T . . .
Giacomo Balla futurism painting of streetlight
Giacomo Balla  art
N I G H T . . .
Karl Friedrich Schinkel stage design
 Karl Friedrich Schinkel stage design
N I G H T . . .
Martin Lewis print of urban night 1920s rooftop
 a Martin Lewis print
N I G H T . . .
Mila von Luttich illustration of nightfall
a Mila von Luttich illustration
N I G H T . . .
Miroslav Sasek illustration of drive-in theatre 1960s
Miroslav Sasek 1960s children's book
N I G H T . . .
Illustration of 1947 man sleeping in pyjamas
k i n d n e s s   &   l o v e   f o r   e v e r y o n e